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February 2014 Archives

Can a Custodial Parent Move Away Without Court Permission?

Phoenix is in the midst of legislative changes over a custodial parent's ability to move without court permission.

Relocation raises child custody, parenting time, visitation, and child support issues, especially if the relocation is out of state. State relocation laws include a variety of rules concerning notice, consent, presumptions, and distance.

But what's Arizona's current law on relocation and what potential changes may be afoot?

What Happens When You Hide Assets During a Divorce in Phoenix?

Arizona is a community property state, which means assets accumulated during the marriage are generally presumed to be the equal property of both spouses.

Unfortunately, a staggering number of spouses hide their finances from one another. It's also not uncommon for people who are contemplating divorce to start setting aside money or start buying items for personal use. But because that's community property, failing to disclose such actions during a divorce may amount to hiding assets.

And lying during divorce proceedings -- including hiding assets -- is illegal.