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Can You Adopt a Child Online?

Can you adopt a child online? These days, it seems as though everything can be done over the Internet. An adoption of a real live child, however, is not included in that category.

In fact, many cruel practices involving online child adoptions are flat-out illegal. What are they? Also, when is dealing with adoption online okay? Here's an overview:

Online Adoption Swaps

Online adoption swaps are wrong for many reasons. Generally speaking, online adoption swaps are essentially an underground ring of parents looking to place their adopted children back up for adoption either because they regret adopting in the first place or merely to swap for a different child.

These swaps disregard state and adoption laws by illegally placing and trading children, and they are not a proper way for an adoption to be entered into, regardless of the parents' consent.

Online Support Groups Are Okay

What types of adoption groups online are okay, though? Support groups are a welcome practice that take place online. Take the Arizona Foster and Adoptive Moms group, for one. The East Valley Tribune reports that the site allows moms of adopted or foster children to connect in a support group environment, encouraging moms to bond and support each other.

Qualifying For Adoption in Arizona

For parents who are interested in adopting a child in Arizona, there are many routes available. An agency can help you adopt by matching a child to your family.

However, keep in mind that just because agency adoptions are considered legitimate doesn't necessarily mean that you are necessarily qualified. In Arizona, for all prospective parents, a certification study (also called a "home study" process) needs to first be conducted by a licensed adoption agency first by the Arizona Department of Economic Security. A number of factors will need to be assessed, including, but not limited to:

  • Your financial situation
  • Your social history
  • Your moral character and fitness
  • Your religious background
  • Your physical and mental health

Agency adoptions are only one of the many legal types of adoption available in Arizona. If you have any particular questions about adoption or your adoptive process, it may be best to consult with a local, experienced attorney.

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