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How to Increase Stepparent Visitation Days

The Arizona Supreme Court recognizes that in many cases, stepparents play an important role in raising a child. When a child's legal parent and stepparent get a divorce in Arizona, stepparents can petition for visitation rights. If visitation rights are granted, the stepparent can request a modification for increased visitation rights.

But getting increased visitation days with a stepchild is no simple feat. Generally, the court will give preference to what the natural parents want.

Still, when making a decision about modifying a stepparent visitation order, the court takes a host of factors into account.

How to Calculate Spousal Support Owed In Arizona

One of the first questions you may think about if you are getting a divorce in Arizona is how much spousal support you owe or how much you are entitled to.

Generally, there is no definitive formula that will precisely determine how much spousal support is owed. The amounts will differ for different people depending upon a wide range of factors.

Here is a look at some common factors a court will consider when calculating spousal support owed: