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Sun City Mom Sentenced in Meth Lab Case

Brenda Lipe and her husband Lancelot Lipe were arrested back in April after Maricopa County sheriff's deputies discovered two meth labs in the Sun City home the couple shared with their three children.

In November, Brenda pleaded guilty to one count of child abuse as part of a plea agreement. On Wednesday, she was sentenced to three months in jail and three years of probation, The Associated Press reports.

Deputies were visiting Lipe's home in order to arrest Lancelot for allegedly assaulting a deputy. When deputies entered the home, however, they found two meth labs in plain view, according to

According to MCSO, Lancelot was cooking meth only feet away from where his three daughters slept and played. Lancelot and Brenda were charged with a number of drug and child-endangerment offenses.

Under Arizona's criminal code, any parent, guardian, or caretaker can be charged with child abuse for exposing children to dangerous conditions. The abuse statute lists specific situations that constitute abuse, including "permitting a child to enter or remain in any structure or vehicle in which volatile, toxic or flammable chemicals are found."

Considering how dangerous meth production is, it makes sense that exposing children to it would be considered child abuse. If the solvents used to purify the ephedrine and pseudoephedrine aren't handled properly, there's a high chance of causing an explosion. Such explosions are often how authorities find meth labs.

The byproducts of meth production are also extremely hazardous. The fumes created by the process are potentially deadly. Nearly six pounds of toxic material are created for each pound of meth.

Had Brenda not entered into a plea agreement, she could've faced several years in prison if convicted.

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