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Sarah Palin's Son Track Palin and Wife Britta Call It Quits

Sarah Palin's oldest son Track Palin and his wife Britta have apparently decided that one year of married life was enough.

The couple jointly filed for divorce in an Alaskan court, according to TMZ. Under Alaskan law, a joint divorce filing means that the couple has fully settled any property and custody issues, including how Track and Britta will split custody of their 1-year-old daughter Kyla.

According to the divorce filing, the former couple has sorted out how their property will be divided. Track will get the $30,000 Wells Fargo Bank account, $500 in tools, and his $1,000 gun collection. Britta will get the short end of the stick: her $2,500 bank account and her $4,000 in jewelry.

Had the property division been contested, Britta may have walked away with a bigger share of the property. In Arizona, for example, marital property is divided according to community property law principles.

That means when a couple splits up, any property they acquired during the marriage will be split 50/50. There are, however, a few exceptions. Inheritance and gifts, for example, aren't included as marital property.

According to the filing, Track makes about $42,800 a year and has agreed to pay $642 a month in child support. The former couple has agreed to split any other child-related expenses, including medical and travel costs, TMZ reports.

No word yet on how Track and Britta plan to split custody of Kyla. If they've decided on joint legal custody, the former couple will share decision-making power over important issues in Kyla's life, including her education, medical care, and religious instruction. If they're sharing joint physical custody as well, Kyla will split her time living with her mom and dad.

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