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'New Girl' Star Zooey Deschanel Officially Single

After three years of marriage, actress Zooey Deschanel and her musician husband Ben Gibbard are calling it quits.

The star of Fox's "New Girl" filed for divorce nearly a year ago, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the break up. The split became official last week when a judge signed off on the divorce decree, according to TMZ.

As far as celebrity divorces go, Deschanel and Gibbard's was pretty stress-free. The couple doesn't have any kids together, so they didn't have to worry about child custody and support issues.

On top of that, both Deschanel and Gibbard waived their rights to spousal support. The move makes sense.

Spousal support isn't always necessary in divorce cases. That's because alimony is intended to be rehabilitative in most instances, meaning it's only ordered when it's needed to help a spouse get back on her feet.

If the ex-spouse already has an education, skills, or a career to fall back on, spousal support probably isn't necessary. Deschanel and Gibbard both have lucrative careers to support themselves with, making alimony unnecessary. Gibbard is the frontman of the indie-pop band Death Cab for Cutie, and Deschanel has starred in hit movies like "500 Days of Summer" and "Elf."

While alimony wasn't a concern, the division of property may have been an issue. California, like Arizona, is a commity property state. That means any marital property is generally split 50/50 in divorce cases. Marital property includes almost anything the couple earned during their marriage, excluding gifts, inheritance, and a few other exceptions.

Unless there was a prenup, Deschanel and Gibbard could be splitting their earnings from the last three years. On the other hand, they could have agreed to exclude their earnings from the community property.

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