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Avondale Mom Accused of Beating Daughter With Hanger 100 Times

An Avondale mom is accused of carrying out some pretty brutal corporal punishment on her 10-year-old daughter.

Candida Romero reportedly beat her daughter "more than 100 times" with a clothes hanger after the girl snuck out while grounded, CBS 5 News reports.

Romero, who was convicted of abusing the same girl back in 2010, is now facing one count of child abuse.

Romero reportedly grounded the girl for being disrespectful after coming home from school. The girl then snuck out of a window and went to a neighbor's house where she called her uncle.

When she returned home, she said that her mom grabbed her by her hair and hit her with a hanger "more than 100 times," according to authorities. Romero is also accused of striking the girl with a belt and forcing her face into a pillow so she couldn't breathe.

When interviewed about the incident, Romero denied hitting the girl with a belt or a hanger, but admitted spanking her after she snuck out while grounded. She reportedly told officers that her daughter has a long history of self-abuse.

This isn't the first time Romero has been accused of mistreating the girl. Back in 2010, she was convicted in Maricopa County Superior Court for child abuse. She was on supervised probation at the time of the most recent incident.

She's now facing a new child abuse charge. If the allegations are true, it's a pretty clear-cut case of child abuse.

Any parent, guardian, or caretaker who injures or neglects a child to the point that the child's health is endangered is guilty of child abuse in Arizona. If the abuse is intentional, as is alleged here, it's a Class 2 felony. If convicted, Romero could spend upt to 24 years in prison.

Romero's children have been placed in the care of their grandmother.

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