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3 Arrested After Phoenix Toddler Scalded in Hot Bath

Three people were arrested this week after a Phoenix toddler was scalded in a hot bath.

According to authorities, it took Kenyatta Gill, Terrell Williams, and Aaron Alston several days to get medical attention for the 3-year-old girl. Now they're facing child abuse charges, reports.

Gill, the girl's mother, ran a bath for the toddler after she wet her pants. She then allegedly placed the girl in the bath without checking the water temperature first.

Gill, 31, told authorities she later noticed burns when she laid the toddler onto a bed. Rather than taking the girl to the hospital, Gill and Williams, the girl's 28-year-old father, decided to treat the burns themselves. They did so by spraying the area with antiseptic spray and giving the child some pain medication, according to authorities.

The girl's skin continued to blister and peel off over the next few days, police said. Eventually, Gill and Williams decided to get help for the toddler. According to authorities, the girl suffered second-degree burns to her left hip and buttock. The burns required skin grafts.

Williams, Gill, and Alston, Gill's 25-year-old brother who lives with the couple, were arrested. Alston and Williams are each facing one count of child abuse. Gill is facing two counts of abuse.

Under Arizona law, any parent, guardian, or caretaker who injures a child, whether intentionally, negligently, or recklessly, is guilty of child abuse. If the abuse was more negligent than intentional, as is likely the case here, it's a Class 4 felony.

If convicted of child abuse, Alston, Williams, and Gill could face up to eight years in prison for each charge.

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