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Punishment Fit the Crime?: Man Shot in Groin For Beating Girlfriend

A Mohave Valley man has learned the hard way that domestic violence is wrong. On Thursday night, 39-year-old Wesley Kane Hauer was shot in the groin after assaulting his girlfriend, ABC News reports.

Hauer's mom stepped in while Hauer was allegedly beating his girlfriend. However, Hauer wasn't having it and continued assaulting the woman. Fortunately, the mother's boyfriend was nearby and happened to have a gun on hand. Hopefully Hauer learned his lesson.

According to investigators, Hauer was assaulting his girlfriend outside, when his mom stepped out and tried to help the woman. Hauer reportedly chased his mom back inside and continued to beat the woman.

At that point, the mother's boyfriend reportedly had enough and went inside to grab a .22 caliber gun. Hauer grabbed whatever was on hand and tried to use it as a weapon, including a beer bottle and a rock. However, his efforts were to no avail, as his mom's boyfriend shot Hauer, according to authorities.

Police found Hauer lying near the patio with a gunshot wound to his crotch. The boyfriend's gun was confiscated.

Despite his groin injury, Hauer will likely still face domestic violence charges. Under Arizona's criminal code, domestic violence encompasses any violent or dangerous crime carried out against a family member, relative, roommate, or significant other. That includes assault, battery, and sexual assault.

A protective order is often taken out against the defendant while a domestic violence case is pending. The order prevents the defendant from contact with the victim. That means that on top of any criminal penalties, Hauer will probably be barred from seeing his girlfriend while the matter is being adjudicated.

As for the mother's boyfriend, it's doubtful he'll face any charges for shooting Wesley Kane Hauer. Under Arizona's law, a person may use deadly force if he reasonably believes the force is necessary to protect himself or others from a serious attack.

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