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Kingman Mom, Grandma Arrested After Kids Found Living in Filth

Another set of Arizona caretakers have been arrested for keeping children in disgusting conditions.

On Friday, police arrested 19-year-old Linda Reann Pinto and her 58-year-old grandmother, Linda Ruby Pinto, after finding four children living in a motor home full of mold, trash, and excrement, ABC15 News reports. Both women were arrested.

A neighbor called the Mohave County Sheriff's Office, claiming that children at the Pintos' Kingman residence were living in terrible conditions and without working utilities. Officers responding to the motor home found coolers outside that were filled with dirty dishes, stagnant water, and flies.

They also found a piece of broken metal siding propped up on a concrete slab that authorities believe was used as a shower. According to police, excrement was found all over the ground around the "shower" and near the front door.

Inside, officers found spoiled food throughout the home and mattresses covered in mold. Three of Linda Ruby Pinto's grandchildren, ages 9, 11, and 12, were living in the home at the time, as was Linda Reann Pinto's 2-year-old son. Both Pintos are facing child abuse charges.

Child abuse isn't restricted to physical abuse in Arizona. Under Arizona's criminal code, any parent, guardian, or caretaker who neglects a child to the point that the child could suffer death or serious injury can be charged with felony child abuse in the state. If the abuse wasn't intentional but was the result of criminal negligence or neglect, as is alleged here, it's a class 4 felony.

If Linda Ruby Pinto and Linda Reann Pinto are convicted of their child abuse charges, they could be sentenced to four to eight years in prison for each conviction. Child Protective Services has taken custody of the four children.

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