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Former NFL Star Andre Rison Ordered to Pay $322K in Child Support

On Monday, former NFL star Andre Rison was sentenced in federal district court in Phoenix to five years' probation for failing to pay child support, The Arizona Republic reports.

In April, Rison pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor child support violation. The former wide receiver was also ordered to pay $322,992 in child support restitution.

The former NFL star was accused of failing to pay over $10,000 in child support between August 2008 and August 2011. The due date for many of the payments passed three years ago, the indictment states. Rison's 13-year-old child reportedly lived in Phoenix at the time the payments were due.

On top of the restitution amount, Rison will have to continue making his monthly child support payments. He'll, in turn, have to pay $2,350-a-month for child support in addition to the $1,000-a-month restitution payments he'll now be making. It's unclear whether Rison, who's reportedly part of the broke former NFL players' club, will be able to keep up with the payments.

Parents who are stuck with a deadbeat former partner aren't without recourse. Courts have several means at their disposal of collecting back child support. Depending on the circumstances, courts can garnish a parent's wages, seize a parent's property, take the parent's tax refund, or even suspend the parent's professional license.

During his 11-year NFL career, Andre Rison played for a slew of teams, including the Falcons, the Colts, and the Jaguars. While he probably made millions in the league, Rison has admitted that he blew most of those earnings, according to CBS Sports. He's set to appear in a documentary called Broke about former pro athletes who are now insolvent.

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