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Mom Found Guilty in Drowning Death of 4-Year-Old Son

On Wednesday, a Paradise Valley woman was found guilty of charges stemming from the 2009 drowning death of her mentally disabled 4-year-old son, reports.

The jury found 45-year-old Nadia Bashir guilty of negligent homicide and child abuse after less than a day of deliberations. She reportedly left the toddler unattended by the pool.

On August 23, 2009, Bashir’s son Asher fell into the pool. Paradise Valley Police and Phoenix Fire Departments responded to the home. The boy was taken to Phoenix Children's Hospital, but died three days later.

According to authorities, Bashir left the 4 year-old-boy sitting next to the pool while she went upstairs to help her older son. When she returned 15 minutes later, Asher was floating in the water. Bashir didn’t have an explanation for why she left the toddler unattended, according to investigators.

In April 2010, a grand jury charged Bashir with negligent homicide and child abuse. She’s now been convicted of those charges. “I commend the hard work of our dedicated prosecutors and law enforcement partners in bringing this difficult case to a just outcome,” Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said of the convictions.

Under Arizona’s criminal code, a person commits negligent homicide if their criminal negligence causes the death of another. Generally, this requires a showing that the defendant’s actions were inherently dangerous or done with a reckless disregard for human life, and the defendant should’ve known that her behavior threatened the lives of others. It's a class 4 felony in the state.

Nadia Bashir is now facing a sentence of anywhere from probation to close to 4 years in prison for the negligent homicide and child abuse convictions, according to

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