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February and March are Most Active Divorce Months

Phoenix divorce attorneys have no shortage of work in the month of February and March.

That’s because divorce rates peak in March, according to NPR. But February is also no lazy month for divorce attorneys, according to Huffington Post.

But why?

Some say that the spike in divorces around that time of year is due to a "seasonal enlightenment." Translation: The holidays drive couples crazy. The holidays are a mad, mad time full of divorce enablers. Think about it; the looming threat of in-laws visiting, the shrinking wallets from holiday expenses and the constant social gatherings, the pressure to be happy. The in-laws, tight budgets, holiday depression and infidelity are four reasons why the holidays can test a marriage.

While nobody likes to be alone on Valentine's Day, it can also be a divorce trigger, reports the HuffPo. In fact, the international day of affection might serve as a wake-up call for couples who may already be on the path to slowly drifting away from one and other.

The rising economy could also be a contributor to the rising divorce rate. In bad times, other concerns overshadow marital concerns, even if the bad economy contributes to marital problems. But once the economy picks up, people find themselves with more cash on hand to pay the fees of a divorce attorney. And divorce can be pricey, especially for those who stand to lose assets in alimony battles.

A last thought: Tax season might have a role to play in the February-March divorce spike. Tax filing status is determined at year-end. So if you're married on December 31, you can still file jointly on April 15, even if you filed for divorce in March.

Whatever the cause, divorce is a long and painful process. If you're considering divorce, talk to a divorce lawyer and find out what is involved. It may be wise to start doing your research early.

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