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Dennis Rodman Broke, Owes $800K in Support Payments

Dennis Rodman is back in the news. But this time, it’s not for doing something flamboyant or wild. Well, unless you consider owing over $800,000 in child and spousal support payments “wild.”

After his divorce from Michelle Rodman, his third wife, Dennis Rodman apparently owes a wild amount in unpaid child support and could face jail time in California, reports the Washington Post.

Now, he has until May 29 to come up with the funds, otherwise he could spend 20 days in jail. Unfortunately for Michelle Rodman, her ex-hubby is broke. At least that’s what his lawyer says.

In his 2004 divorce proceedings, his previous year’s income was listed at $570,000, with $3.4 million in real property and $1.45 million in stocks and bonds.

In Arizona, child support evaders can be subject to jail time. The Department of Economic Security routinely lists “mug-shots” of child support evaders who are on the run. Furthermore, Sheriff Joe Arpaio frequently cracks down on deadbeat parents.

In Phoenix, there are several ways to request alimony payments through a divorce decree. A spouse can order the payment of court decreed alimony through a wage garnishment, done through the Maricopa County Superior Court Self Service Center.

In the case of a spouse who can’t pay up, there can be relief from a decree, too. Instead of hitting the road and being on the run, a payor spouse can work with his divorce lawyer to have the maintenance obligations modified in light of changed circumstances. Of course, this isn’t the case with every request for modification, as there are specific instances where the court will not modify a maintenance order.

If you find yourself in Dennis Rodman’s shoes, unable to make your maintenance payments, perhaps it’s time you touched base with a divorce lawyer. It’s better to take some proper action, rather than packing your bags, otherwise you could have Sheriff Joe on your tail.

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