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March 2012 Archives

Couple Jailed After Grandma Reports Burning Child With Spoon

How far will you go to discipline a child? A Phoenix couple is under arrest after going too far in disciplining their eight-year-old daughter. The couple is facing accusations that they burned the child with a spoon.

The parents, Alberto Melendez-Baez and Susana Espiru, were booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail last Saturday after the child’s grandmother reported the abuse to police. The parents are now facing four counts of child abuse, one count of kidnapping and one count of unlawful imprisonment.

In a 17-13 vote, the Arizona Senate voted down a controversial bill on Wednesday that would allow employers to opt out of covering contraceptives in their health insurance plans for religious reasons. Over the past few weeks, the bill has gained national attention and sparked a heated debate over freedom of religion and the right to privacy.

The bill is not quite dead, however. The Arizona Senate agreed on Thursday to hold a revote of House Bill 2625 at a later date, The Arizona Republic reports.

Dennis Rodman Broke, Owes $800K in Support Payments

Dennis Rodman is back in the news. But this time, it’s not for doing something flamboyant or wild. Well, unless you consider owing over $800,000 in child and spousal support payments “wild.”

After his divorce from Michelle Rodman, his third wife, Dennis Rodman apparently owes a wild amount in unpaid child support and could face jail time in California, reports the Washington Post.

CDC Study on Divorce Shows Race, Education Play Factor

Once upon a time, moving in with your loved one prior to marriage signaled a divorce down the line.

But a new study is showing that times have changed. No longer does pre-marital “shacking-up” mean that you’ve sealed your fate for divorce, reports the Associated Press.

Audit of Phoenix Police Reveals Botched Child Crime Cases

An audit report revealed this week that local authorities aren’t handling Phoenix child crime cases properly. In a stark revelation, the audit showed that detectives in the Phoenix police squad mishandled hundreds of child crime cases brought before them in 2011, reports the Associated Press.

The audit was triggered by an employee who routinely raised concerns about the mishandling of Phoenix child abuse cases by detective Alan MacIver, who has since retired from the force.

Man Pees on Infant Son, Wife Obtaining a Protective Order

A Phoenix man is in police custody after allegedly urinating on his 4-month-old son. The man’s wife says she will now seek a restraining order and will file for divorce.

Sergio Velderrain is in hot water, not only with his wife but also with the cops. The 31-year-old is facing charges of felony child abuse.

Divorce Lawyer Breaks Into Home of Client's Ex, Asks Client for Hug

While this blog focuses on Phoenix family law, there simply aren't any nutty divorce lawyer cases coming out of the Grand Canyon state. So we needed to head east, to neighboring New Mexico to find this crazy story.

This strange story involves a divorce lawyer who really went the extra mile for his client. New video footage was recently released showing just how far this divorce lawyer was willing to go to get a little love from his client.

Deadbeat Parents: Watch Out for the Sheriff's Office!

Check out the Top 25 Deadbeat Dads! The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office regularly posts a list of deadbeat parents (moms too) in the MCSO Hall of Shame.

Failure to pay child support payments is not just an issue for parents and Phoenix family law attorneys; it's also an issue for the law enforcement officials.

Woman Accidentally 'Friends' Husband's Other Wife

A Washington man recently landed in some hot water with his wife, when she discovered his other wife through the "People You May Know" feature on Facebook.

As it turns out, Alan O'Neill had never divorced his first wife. He moved out in 2009, legally changed his name and then remarried.

Premarital Agreement Worrying You? Maybe There's a Way Out

So, you're considering getting a divorce but you don't know what you stand to lose in an alimony battle?

Let's clarify some concepts for you.

First of all, you need to know that Arizona is a community property state. So that usually means that whatever you and your spouse acquired during your marriage belongs to the two of you. This can be the case with household items, stocks or bonds, joint businesses and even your salaries.

Arizona CPS Workers in Over Their Heads, Many Quit

Arizona Child Protective Service workers are overwhelmed.

With stagnant salaries and ever-growing caseloads, it's becoming harder for the State of Arizona to provide for the numerous children in the state who need special assistance.

According to The Arizona Republic, Arizona CPS workers carry caseloads that are two-thirds above national standards. Across the nation, it's typical for a caseworker to have anywhere from 10 to 19 cases per month. In some parts of Arizona, however, a CPS investigator can have as many as 180 cases to shuffle.

February and March are Most Active Divorce Months

Phoenix divorce attorneys have no shortage of work in the month of February and March.

That’s because divorce rates peak in March, according to NPR. But February is also no lazy month for divorce attorneys, according to Huffington Post.

But why?

If you are in an abusive relationship, get out. It’s not worth it, and the outcome can be horrific.

In Phoenix, Juan Garcia allegedly killed two-year-old Jorge Zamora-Rogel after the child refused to eat food the man had brought home for dinner. Garcia lived with the child and the child’s mother, and he apparently lost it after the mother, Wendy Rogel-Pagasa told him the child refused to eat.