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Representative Daniel Patterson Domestic Abuse Claim

State lawmaker Daniel Patterson is in trouble again on claims of threatening or abusing his significant other. The most recent Daniel Patterson domestic abuse claim alleges that he threatened to kill his former girlfriend and campaign chairwoman.

Now Patterson’s fellow lawmakers are stepping in and pointing towards a pattern of alleged abusive conduct in asking Patterson to step down, reports The Arizona Republic.

For his part, Patterson maintains his innocence. He has not been charged with a crime and has not been arrested, reports the Republic. Instead, he offered that he and his girlfriend had a fight over her moving out and that she "did not take this well." Patterson also refused to resign, despite pressure from his fellow party members.

The woman, who was living with Patterson, filed an order of protection against him in Tucson city court last week over the threats and a judge ordered Patterson to have "no contact" with the woman.

Generally, protective orders are temporary measures that can limit one party from contacting the other party, while authorities investigate whether more permanent action should be taken. Therefore, criminal charges do not have to be made for an order of protection, nor does anyone need to be arrested.

Previous to this claim, Patterson has been the subject of restraining orders that his ex-wife filed against him as they went through a divorce and custody battle. According to one order, Patterson told his ex-wife, who was recovering from breast cancer, that he hoped she would die, reports the Republic. She said she feared for her life and their daughter's safety. No criminal charges were filed in that case either.

Another Daniel Patterson domestic abuse claim. Will this be the one to finally topple the state lawmaker?

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