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Grandmother Accused of Leaving Baby Home Alone for Drugs

Scottsdale police are accusing a 50-year-old grandmother of leaving her 16-month-old grandchild home alone to obtain illegal drugs, reports ABC15 News.

Rhonda Boyd was arrested at a store pharmacy on Jan. 31 for allegedly trying to purchase illegal prescription drugs under the guise of an employee from a doctor’s office.

When confronted at the store by police who were notified by the pharmacist, Boyd allegedly told them she had to get back to her grandchild who was in her car. Instead of finding the baby in the car, however, police found her grandchild at her home alone.

In a similar instance, a Phoenix mother had been arrested on suspicion of three felony counts of child abuse for allegedly leaving her children home alone to go out and drink.

Under Arizona law, child abuse can include neglect or abandonment of a child under the age of 18. Leaving such a young child alone could be considered a form of abuse. An adult who is convicted of a "dangerous crime against children," including child abuse, could be sentenced to a maximum of 24 years in prison.

If Boyd has custody of her grandchild, she could also face losing custody of the baby if charged with child abuse. Courts usually decide custody issues by determining the best interests of the child.

A Phoenix family law attorney can provide more information about the legal proceedings concerning child custody if you, too, have been accused of child abuse or are otherwise at risk of losing your rights over a dependent minor.

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