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Child Drownings: Tempe Mom Sentenced, Kingman Mom Faces Charges

“Throwing out the baby with the bath water” may just be a catchphrase, but for two Valley women, their troubles bathing their children have landed them in serious legal hot water.

Tempe mother Summer Dawn Angelly was sentenced to six months in jail and 10 years’ probation after her 11-month-old son nearly drowned in a Tempe motel bathtub last summer, reports

Angelly and the baby’s father, Jasen Anchondo, pleaded guilty to felony child abuse charges in November. The couple had reportedly told police they left their son in the tub because he had soiled his diapers and there weren’t any clean ones left.

In a similar situation, Kingman foster mother Elizabeth Dawn Stone was recently indicted on felony child abuse charges after her 8-month-old baby drowned in a bathtub in September, reports the Daily Miner.

Stone reportedly told police she had left the baby in the tub to retrieve a towel but got distracted when the phone rang and her fiance came home. Stone said she had only been gone for three to five minutes, but it was enough time for the baby to drown.

Under Arizona state law, an adult who is convicted of a “dangerous crime against children,” including child abuse, could be sentenced to a maximum of 24 years in prison. Physical abuse, abandonment and neglect are all considered forms of child abuse.

Both women have other children, and both could face losing custody, at least temporarily, of those children due to the charges.

A Phoenix family law attorney can provide more information about the legal proceedings concerning child custody if you, too, are at risk of losing your parental rights over your children.

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