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Woman Faces Assault Charges for Running Over Cheating Husband

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned - especially when she's aiming her car at you.

A Mesa woman faces domestic violence charges of aggravated assault and criminal damage for running over her allegedly cheating husband, reports The Arizona Republic.

Police believe Colene Barker intentionally struck and ran over her husband in Monday because he was trying to leave her for another woman. Witnesses also say she rammed into his car twice before taking her anger out on him.

To add insult to injury, witnesses say Barker stood over him and taunted him while he was "rolling in pain" on the ground.

Despite the attack, the husband did not reportedly suffer any severe injuries. He also allegedly told police he will not press charges because she "is a good mother" and "it's my entire fault," reports The Republic.

Authorities say her husband is in the process of filing for divorce and has been living with his mistress for the past two years.

If you are going through a divorce, there are other ways of dealing with the painful process. An experienced Phoenix family law attorney can help you navigate the often complicated issues involved with the termination of a marriage, such as property division and child custody issues. For more information on understanding the divorce process, see our Related Resources section.

And if you are deciding to initiate a divorce, living with someone else for two years before filing probably isn't the best idea.

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