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Top Three Things to Know Before You Hire a Family Law Attorney

If you need to hire a family law attorney, you are typically dealing with important life decisions that can affect you and the ones you love. Below, we outline three things you should know before you hire a family law attorney in order to ensure you are receiving the best representation possible.

1. Attorney Experience

It is ideal to have an experienced family law attorney representing you in court. Someone who focuses exclusively on family law will be the most up-to-date on legal developments and laws in the area. You also want to make sure that they have experience in the specific issue of family law that your case concerns, such as divorce matters or child custody battles.

2. Fee Agreement

Hiring an attorney can be expensive, especially in the case of family law matters where issues may drag on or concern extremely important topics such as your assets or custody of your children. Make sure you know what kind of free arrangement the attorney uses - hourly or retainer fee - and his or her estimated fees and costs.

3. Attorney Accessibility

Family law deals with particularly sensitive matters concerning your property, your children and your rights. Having an open and communicative attorney ensures you will be kept in the loop of how your case is progressing and will give you more control over your case.

Family law cases can be very complicated, long and expensive. Knowing you have an experienced advocate by your side will ensure that you and your family's rights are being defended as effectively and efficiently as possible. For more information on hiring a family law attorney, see our Related Resources section.

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