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Rapper DMX Hopes to Save Failed Marriage with 'Relationship Rehab'

When it comes to the law and marriage, rapper DMX is no saint, but you can’t blame the man for trying. In addition to working on his legal issues, the rapper announced that he and his estranged wife will be appearing on VH1’s reality show “Relationship Rehab” to work on their marital issues, reports

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, separated from his wife Tashera in July 2010 after 11 years of marriage and just two weeks after he was released from a Phoenix jail. DMX was serving his six-month jail sentence for violating the terms of his drug probation. The two have four children together.

In addition to troubles with the law, DMX reportedly also had troubles staying faithful during his marriage and allegedly fathered six children with other women. In an interview with Vibe Magazine, Tashera said it was the womanizing and child support cases that led to her decision to separate, according to

DMX must have done a lot of sweet-talking in the past year to convince Tashera to restart their relationship.

Although most Phoenix couples aren't famous enough to be invited to hash out their marital problems on national TV, seeing a marriage counselor may help save your relationship. If counseling doesn't work, however, a Phoenix family law attorney can help you navigate the process of a legal separation or divorce. To learn more about marriage counseling, see our Related Resources section.

"Relationship Rehab" is scheduled to begin taping in December. Let's see if the second time's a charm for DMX and his lady.

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