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James Stark Gets Life for Granddaughter Child Molestation Charges

Buckeye resident James Stark was sentenced to 347.5 years in prison on Friday for child molestation charges stemming from his abuse of his eight-year-old granddaughter, reports the West Valley View.

The 58-year-old was given seven consecutive life prison terms of 35 years each, plus an additional 102.5 years. The sentences were connected to his conviction last month of 18 out of 19 counts related to the abuse, according to Maricopa County prosecutors.

Typically, a person facing abuse charges of a minor faces a wide range of penalties and sentencing possibilities. The sentence depends on a variety of factors, such as the state the abuse takes place, the age of the child, and the criminal history of the offenders. In Stark's case, his offenses were so heinous that the prosecution went for one of the harshest punishments possible.

"These sentences are long because we want to make sure that child sex predators never get to see another day of freedom," Maricopa County attorney Bill Montgomery told the View.

The charges included sexual conduct with a minor, molestation of a child, sexual abuse, kidnapping, furnishing obscene or harmful items to minors, public sexual indecency to a minor and indecent exposure, according to Buckeye Police Department Lt. Jared Griffith.

The depraved grandfather had been living in the same house as the victim's family since November 2008 and was reportedly abusing the child for more than a year. James Stark was arrested in January 2010 on child molestation charges after the little girl reported the abuse to a family member.

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