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Center for Arizona Policy Releases 2011 Family Issues Voting Record

How did each Arizona lawmaker vote on legislation regarding family values this year? The Center for Arizona Policy, a conservative organization in the state, has released this information through the 2011 Family Issues Voting Record. According to The Arizona Republic, this report states how each person in the Legislature voted on issues of abortion, divorce, religious rights and judicial reform.

This year, Center for Arizona Policy has played a large role in getting certain laws passed. State lawmakers passed 16 of the group's 19 bills this year, which were later signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer. These newly approved measures include pieces of legislation that give preference to married couples in adoptions (SB 1188), require an ultrasound before an abortion can be performed (HB 2416), and give individuals going through a divorce an option to extend the divorce waiting period (SB 1187).

Many of the bills that the Center for Arizona Policy drafts or advocates for are controversial, and not everyone involved in child or family law services agrees with them. For example, some advocates feel that the state should not extend the divorce waiting period in dissolution of marriage cases, or that preferential treatment should not be given to married couples in the adoption process.

Regardless, Arizona residents should always feel free to speak their mind on legislation that relates to family issues. In general, the Arizona Legislature is conservative and has passed some strongly conservative laws when it comes to divorce, adoption, and abortion procedures. As Center President Cathi Herrod said in a media release, “Many of the bills the state Legislature passed and Governor Brewer signed into law are among the first of their kind.”

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