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House Approves SB 1188: Married Couples Get Preference in Adoption

Single parents and same-sex couples may soon have difficulties adopting a child in the state of Arizona with the passage of Senate Bill 1188. The East Valley Tribune reports that the House passed the Senate-approved bill last week with a 37-20 vote.

The bill gives preferential treatment to heterosexual, married couples when it comes to adoption in the state. According to SB 1188, the Department of Economic Security and private adoption agencies must place a child with a married couple if all other factors (regarding single or same sex parents) are equal. One exception to the married couple preference includes an established relationship already existing between the child and prospective adoptive parent.

The full text of the bill can be found by clicking here.

SB 1188 has become very controversial across the state of Arizona because there are single people and same-sex couples that could make great parents. There are also more children waiting to be adopted than there are married couples willing to adopt. The placement of adopted children with a family might best be left up to judges and agencies familiar with individual situations and not necessarily state lawmakers. Arizona’s adoption laws and procedures are already quite complicated as they currently stand.

Yet it looks like opponents of SB 1188 haven’t given up all hope on this issue. reports that gay rights organizations, including Equality Arizona, are urging Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to veto the bill. Yet many people feel that it is unlikely that Governor Brewer will veto such a measure, given her conservative viewpoints.

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