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More Men Remarry After Divorce Than Women

The Huffington Post reports that 2007 U.S. Census statistics show that for those 25 and older, 52 percent of men and only 44 percent of women are likely to remarry after death or divorce. In fact, 2007 marked the year that for the first time more women were living without a husband than with one.

Perhaps women can be more independent than men. Nina Collins wrote in her blog that men can require a lot of care and could be in need of somebody to cook their food and do the laundry. Whereas, Collins writes, “Women don’t remarry as often because we’re not sure why we should, what’s in it for us?”

Many people are hesitant to get re-married after a divorce, especially soon after the dissolution of marriage is finalized. And some would argue that it's good to be hesitant of re-marriage, because 60 percent of second marriages reportedly fail. That that number jumps up to 70 percent when there are step-children involved in the second marriage.

When re-marrying, it's important for both men and women to consider a prenuptial agreement. FindLaw states that prenup will protect the assets of each party and determine how property is to be divided upon death.

The absence of a prenuptial agreement will usually mean that a spouse is entitled to receive property upon death, but many people in a second marriage want to pass on at least a portion of their money and property to children from their previous marriage. If there's a divorce in the case of the second marriage, long and costly disputes can also be avoided if a prenuptial agreement is in place.

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