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Facebook Adds Domestic Partnership Option for the Relationship Status

What’s your relationship status? Now people have more options to choose from when defining their relationship on Facebook.

Phoenix is one of a handful of cities in Arizona that has a domestic partnership registry, where registered domestic partners in the city are granted some of the same benefits as married couples in the state. Yet some domestic partners in the city and around the state may have once been upset that they weren’t able to properly define their relationship on the world’s largest social networking website.

But now there's not as much to worry about when it comes to relationship status confusion. MSNBC reports that Facebook recently added a "domestic partnership" option and a "civil union" option to the available choices of a relationship status. It's possible that we'll now see Phoenix residents with relationship statuses like "Jessica is in a domestic partnership with Christina" or "Tom is in a domestic partnership with George."

In the U.S. states that allow for civil unions, there will probably be people using the civil union status option. Yet some gay marriage advocates say that many same-sex couples stil prefer the status of "married" even if they are not able to legally marry in most states.

Perhaps more than anything else, the new relationship status options will educate people about what domestic partnerships and civil unions are and how they're different from marriage. If people see somebody with this type of relationship on Facebook, it could spark questions and even push for new developments in same-sex marriage law.

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