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When You're Most Likely To End A Relationship

At what time of year is your relationship most likely to end? reports that a study based on the changes in relationship statuses on Facebook shows that couples are most likely to end their relationship around "Spring Break" and also about two weeks before Christmas. Most people also announced the end of their relationship on a Monday, according to the study that had a sample size of 10,000 people. The study states that the lowest day throughout the whole year for a breakup is on Christmas Day.

While a divorce doesn't take place over just one day (this is legally impossible because of the 60-day waiting period that the state of Arizona requires), the conversation of breaking up a marriage might follow the same pattern that reports on. Perhaps you're most likely to say that you're thinking about divorce on a Monday, just before holidays, or in the spring time.

Many people might not realize the impact that divorce actually has on spouses. According to FindLaw Bookshelf, divorce can lead to various emotional reactions that include depression, anger, jealously, humiliation, disorientation, sense of loss, and denial that the divorce is actually taking place. This can be true no matter what time of the year you choose to break up at.

The good news is that most spouses are able to recover from a divorce, just like most people are able to recover from a dramatic break-up with their significant other. To learn more about the divorce process in Arizona, visit our Related Resources or see a Phoenix family law attorney.

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