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Slash Changes His Mind About Divorce

We reported in an earlier blog post that Saul Hudson, also known as Slash from the rock band Guns 'N' Roses, filed for a divorce after nine years of marriage to his wife Perla Ferrar. The couple cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split in their divorce papers. However, it seems that the rock legend had a sudden change of heart about his relationship.

The Toronto Sun reports that Slash is now calling off the divorce, so it looks like he'll no longer need to seek joint physical and legal custody  of his two children. Slash reportedly filed for a dismissal of the dissolution of marriage that was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, which will officially terminate the divorce process.

When married couples change their minds about divorce after the petition of dissolution of marriage has already been filed, states have various ways for going about getting a divorce case dismissed. In Arizona, the petitioner in a divorce case can always submit a Notice of Dismissal if the divorce petition has not yet been served. As we reported in an earlier blog post, the petitioner can also file for a Motion to Dismiss the pending dissolution if the divorce papers have already been served.

The process of a divorce can be very stressful and emotional for many couples, which is why some people choose not to go through with ending their marriage. More information about the process of a divorce can be found through our Related Resource pages.

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