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Learn About Adoption Through "Match"

Who says that you can't learn about the law by watching television? reports that actor Taye Diggs is set to co-produce the television series "Match" on ABC. The drama will reportedly focus on the world of adoption and feature characters that are lawyers, doctors, and caseworkers that strive to make adoptions happen smoothly.

The ABC series is also supposed to feature some of the ethical complexities and dilemmas that are associated with the adoption process. The drama is likely to capture the attention of many Phoenix family lawyers and prospective parents looking to go through the adoption process. While lawyers often criticize television shows that are based on legal issues for not being realistic, this show seems like it might play more toward people's emotions and even become popular in the legal world.

The show's co-producer Taye Diggs is currently a series regular on the ABC drama series "Private Practice." He has also appeared on Broadway in Rent, Chicago, Wicked and Carousel. So far, other co producers for the show include Abe Hoch and Jennifer Bozell. The co-writers for the series on adoption are Kiersten Van Horne and Cara Haycak. So far, no details about the show have been released on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

Meanwhile, anybody that wants to adopt a child should start by looking into the various types of adoption in Arizona. Whether you want to adopt from an agency or go through an independent adoption, there are family lawyers in the area that can answer any questions that you may have.

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