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Five Movies to Watch When You're Going Through a Phoenix Divorce

The divorce process can be emotional for most people, especially when there are kids involved in the marriage. A Phoenix family law attorney can often help clients with not only the legal aspects of a divorce but can also help clients deal with the anxiety of a divorce may bring. Perhaps a fun way to deal with a divorce can be to watch a movie about fictional characters that are going through similar struggles

Laura Dave, an author that writes on divorce and marriage, recommended five movies for divorcees in the Huffington Post. The movies, which are listed below, are supposed to be therapeutic and perhaps provide a laugh.

  • Kramer Vs. Kramer: This 1979 film starring Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep shows just how emotional a child custody battle can be. However, in our modern day society fathers have many more rights and judges don’t always give child custody to the mother.
  • The Philadelphia Story: This classic romantic comedy is an adaptation of the 1939 play. It may just bring some inspiration to divorcees, as the story is about a divorced woman that must choose between her past love, present love, and new love.
  • Mrs. Doubtfire: Robin Williams plays a father dressed as an elderly woman in this comedy as part of a desperate attempt to see his children after separating from his wife. The unemployed father couldn’t just live with only being able to visit his children on Saturday evenings.
  • Wonder Boys: This film, based on the novel by Michael Chabon, gives character insight on a man that must cope with his wife leaving him. On top of that, the character is involved with more family drama when he impregnates another woman.
  • War of the Roses: This comedy shows just how important material possessions can be in a bitter divorce battle. For some people, property division can be the most aggravating part of a divorce.

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