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Save Money on Paternity Testing Labor Day Weekend

Establishing paternity can sometimes be a critical step in family law cases regarding child support, child custody, visitation, and adoption. While such testing procedures can sometimes be expensive, the paternity testing company Arizona Mobile DNA Services has announced through a press release that they will be giving discounts on Labor Day. People in need of a paternity test can receive a discount of $50 at Arizona Mobile DNA Services, where a court admissible paternity test typically costs a minimum of $400 with the company.

The DNA testing company has testing centers in the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas. So if you're in need of a paternity test for a court procedure, Labor Day might be a good time to start the process. The company boasts that the results of a paternity test are typically available in 2 business days from the time the sample arrives at the laboratory.

Some people may question the accuracy of paternity tests, but FindLaw states that these tests have an accuracy range between 90 and 99 percent. When it comes to a dispute in paternity between two individuals, a Phoenix family law attorney can represent either the mother or the father in a paternity proceeding. Phoenix family lawyers can often help mothers in a paternity suit by taking action against the unwed father to obtain support for an illegitimate child. Family lawyers, however, can also challenge the results of a paternity test that proves a man as the father of a certain child. This can be done by showing any inaccuracies or flaws in paternity testing procedures.

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