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Raising Sextuplets Star Jenny Masche Files For Legal Separation

Bryan and Jenny Masche, the parents on the reality television show Raising Sextuplets, seem to be facing a rough patch within their relationship. New York Daily News reports that the mother of the famous Sextuplets filed for legal separation at the Yavapi County Superior Court on September 17.

Some sources say that the reason for the separation is because of Brian Masche's recent arrest. The father was allegedly involved in a family fight with Jenny's parents in their Camp Verde home. He was taken into custody at the Yavapi County Detention Center on September 11 for resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and threatening domestic violence.

Yet the couple has admitted to seeing a relationship counselor to work on their numerous fights. Perhaps their marriage has been on the rocks for quite some time. And due to religious reasons, it seems that the couple may never get a divorce.

New York Daily News reported that Bryan Masche told People the following statement.

"We both have an understanding in our minds that there is no out. I know personally that I'm accountable to God, and Jenny knows she's accountable to God, and we don't have any way out of this thing. So if we're going to be stuck with each other for the next 80 years, we better make it good."

In Arizona, Phoenix family lawyers will typically take on legal separation cases. It looks like Bryan and Jenny will have to do with some of the same legal issues as couples that are seeking a dissolution of marriage, such as alimony and visitation rights. The most important question is, who's getting custody of the six kids?

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