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California Passes Law to Make Divorce Easier For Same Sex Couples

Same-sex couples living in Arizona that are married and part of a registered domestic partnership may feel a sense of relief knowing that California is about to have a law allowing same-sex couples to legally separate through a consolidated process. According to the California Chronicle, the California Senate and Assembly have marked their approval of AB 2700, which amends the California family code to allow couples who registered as domestic partners and who are legally married thereafter to dissolve both contracts through a single, uniform procedure.

The previous separation process required same-sex couples to go through a separate process for the dissolution of a domestic partnership and dissolution of marriage, which can take extra years for a divorce case to be resolved. The law's passage by the Legislature can affect Arizonians as well, since the bill states that same-sex couples who married outside of California can still dissolve their out of state marriages in California.

The bill now heads to the California governor for approval. Lawmakers say that the passage of AB 2700 brings the country one step closer to marriage equality by treating all types of marriages equally in the process of separation.

In the state of Arizona, some Phoenix family lawyers are still fighting for marriage rights among gays and lesbians as well as extending domestic partnership benefits to more same-sex couples in the state. More information on same-sex marriages can be found through our Related Resources pages.

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