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Paternity Testing Now More Available in Cochise County

Here's some good news for Arizona residents. The Cochise County Health Department is now offering DNA paternity testing through the DNA Diagnostics Center at all five of its locations, now having testing centers through the Benson Health Department, Bisbee Health Department, Douglas Health Department, Sierra Vista Health Department, and Willcox Health Department.

The Tucson Citizen reports that expanding opportunities for paternity testing can help some mothers collect child support  from the child's father and can also help fathers dispute false allegations of impregnation. Yet paternity testing can be expensive in Cochise County, so it's a good idea to establish paternity only when it's really necessary for a legal procedure. The going rate to test one child and one alleged father is $475, with an additional $75 for each cheek swabbing, which is how the DNA samples are collected.

The DNA Diagnostics Center also offers paternity testing at many different locations in Maricopa County, including six different testing centers in the Phoenix area. To schedule an appointment for paternity testing, call 1-800-DNA-CENTER or visit

FindLaw states that once paternity is established, the father could be ordered to pay child support. Arizonians should also know that paternity issues can also become relevant to other family law cases involving adoption, inheritance, custody and visitation, health care, and other issues. When faced with legal issues regarding paternity, it's always a good idea to seek help from an experienced Phoenix family law attorney in the area who can provide more information on paternity testing.

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