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Brian McKnight Story Show's Importance of Paternity Testing

Miriam Lee, of Florida, sued soul singer Brian McKnight last year hoping to get child support for her 14-year-old son. According to the Toronto Sun, the mother claimed that Brian McKnight was the father of her teenage son and had an attorney convince a judge to make a default ruling in her favor.

Because the performer never addressed the child support claim, the judge ruled that he was to pay $341,640 for 14 years of child support. Yet Brian McKnight took the smart approach and decided to participate in a paternity test after the ruling. Now, the results are in and they show that Brian McKnight is not the father of Miriam Lee's son, the singer doesn't have to pay any money.

So perhaps Brian McKnight's situation can shed light on the importance of paternity testing. Having a paternity test show that your DNA does not match that of the child is perhaps the best way to get out of paying child support. The results of a paternity test are considered to be over 99 percent accurate.

FindLaw states that issues regarding paternity often arise in cases involving child support, but that paternity issues can also be important in relation to cases involving adoption, inheritance, custody and visitation, health care. In the state of Arizona, it's often a good idea to get a Phoenix family law attorney involved with paternity proceedings or the challenging of child support claims. To learn more about establishing paternity or paternity testing, see our Related Resources pages.

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