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Arizona Child Support Fees Increase This Month

When non-custodial parents are ordered to make child support payments in the Grand Canyon state, they must usually do so through the Arizona Support Payment Clearinghouse. Child support payers are probably aware that Clearinghouse charges an additional processing fee of $2.25 per payment, however that fee more than doubles this month.

The Arizona Daily Star reports that as of July 1, child support payers have to pay a $5 fee, rather than $2.25. Employers who have been ordered to withhold income for child support payments, will also be deducting that extra fee. So while some non-custodial parents complain of the high cost of child support, they'll have something new to be upset about with this slight increase.

The fee increase is reportedly part of a legislative move to generate more money for the state of Arizona. The revenue that this increase generates will help cover the cost of sending out court orders.

Paying just a couple dollars more per month may not make a huge difference for the child support payer, but there are still many non-custodial parents in Arizona that struggle to make their payments. There are Phoenix family lawyers that can help these parents modify their child support order if they currently aren't making as much income as they were at the time they were first ordered to pay support. The Arizona Department of Economic Security also offers free child support modification workshops on the first Thursday of every month from 9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. for parents who are interested in learning about the process of child support modification.

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