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Wendy's Provides Money For Adoption Services

Grabbing a bite at Wendy's fast food restaurant this past weekend may have helped hundreds of thousands of children in the United States, with money going toward the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (DTFA) with the purchase of each Frosty. The organization works to increase the number of adoptions of waiting children in North America and has the vision of providing every child with a permanent home and loving family. reports that Wendy's celebrated the 4th annual Father's Day Frosty Weekend on June 19 - 20 by donating 50 cents of every Wendy's frosty to DTFA. Wendy's customers were also able to support the DTFA charity by purchasing a $1 Frosty pin.

The former owner of Wendy's, who died in 2002, was an adopted child and an advocate for adoption throughout his life. Perhaps Arizonians can learn from Dave Thomas and his non-profit organization about easy and affordable ways to start a family through adoption services.

In the state of Arizona, there are many Phoenix family lawyers that can help prospective parents out with the process of adoption and legal procedures that relate to adoption. There are many different types of adoption that are available to prospective parents in the U.S. including agency adoptions, private adoptions, and independent adoptions that can be done internationally or domestically. A Phoenix family lawyer can help parents decide which adoption is best for them and can assist with any other adoption questions, disputes, or procedures. For a list of Phoenix family lawyers in the area, see FindLaw's directory.

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