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The Economic Benefits of Marriage

USA Today reports that a Pew Research Study shows that men can gain just as much economic benefit from a marriage as women can. The study suggests that men are better off economically in a marriage because of a combined income they have with their wives.

"Marriage is a different deal than it was 40 years ago," Pew economist Richard Fry told USA Today. "Typically, most wives did not work, so for economic well-being, marriage penalized guys with more mouths to feed but no extra income. Now most wives work. For guys, the economics of marriage have become much more beneficial."

The increase in earnings and level of education among women is turning into a good thing for married men. The Pew study shows that from 1970 to 2007, the household income among married men increased by 61 percent. Among unmarried men, the household income has only increased by 16 percent.

Yet when it comes to finances in a marriage, things can sometimes get complicated. Before a marriage, Phoenix family lawyers will sometimes help couples decide how property should be divided in the case of a breakup. Wages earned by the husband and wife in the marriage are generally considered community property and are divided equally in the case of a divorce. Nonmarital property is the property that was owned by one spouse before the marriage, which can eventually become community property in a marriage.

In order to prevent disputes about finances within a marriage, Phoenix family lawyers can help couples establish certain grounds about property rights through a prenuptial agreement. More information about premarital agreements can be found through our Related Resource pages.

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