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Divorce Study: Divorce Spreads When Everybody Else Is Splitting Up

According to Fox News, a divorce study from the University of California, Harvard University, and Brown University indicates that divorce is actually "contagious."  This means that if a couple knows neighbors, friends, parents, or relatives that get a divorce, the couple is more likely to split up and sign that dissolution of marriage.

Here are some statistics from the study: a person who has a divorced sibling is 22 percent more likely to get a divorce than somebody who has siblings that are happily married. Somebody with a divorced friend is 147 percent more likely to get divorced than someone whose friends are all happily married. A person is with a divorced co-worker is 55 percent more likely to get divorced than someone who works with people that are happily married.

Research shows that people warm up to the idea of divorce when they know somebody who has already gone through the process. Perhaps this is true because people can feel more comfortable if they have somebody to go through for guidance and questions about divorce.

If you're interested in filing for a divorce, but don't know anybody who has gotten a divorce, there are places to go to learn more information about the process. The Maricopa County Superior Court website offers great resources and reading material for those who have questions about divorce in Arizona. It's also a good idea to see a Phoenix divorce lawyer when you make the decision to a divorce. A divorce lawyer can not only answer valuable questions, but can also complete the legal paperwork and help with representation and negotiations.

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