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Social Networking Coming into Play With Family Law Cases

Be careful of what you post on Facebook. This is especially true if you're in the process of a divorce or child custody battle, as social networking websites have become a new platform for Phoenix family lawyers to collect evidence.

KPHO News reports that sites like Facebook and Myspace can sometimes show how much a person is spending through photos or wall posts. If a spouse claims to have no money, but then pictures show a new car or new jewelry, then that's a sign that the person has money to spend.

In child custody cases, a family lawyer might be able to print out pictures of inappropriate behavior that could indicate parental irresponsibility. Pictures of excessive drinking or drug use can be examples of such indicators.

Craig Simon is one Phoenix divorce lawyer that has turned to social networking sites to catch cheaters in a relationship and to see what people's spending habits are. He told KPHO that he is surprised by the amount of stuff he can find over the internet.

"It happens more often than you can believe," Craig Simon said. "It's amazing how brazen people get."

According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 81 percent of the nation's top divorce attorneys say that they have seen an increase over the past five years in the number of cases that involve evidence from social networking sites. Of the social networking sites, 66 percent of the AAML respondents said that Facebook is the primary source of this type of evidence.

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