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President Obama Promotes Responsible Fatherhood

Father's Day seems to be a very important day for President Barack Obama. Not only is he reminded of how he's a proud father of two, but the day also provides an opportunity for him to urge other fathers to mentor their own children and to reach out to those children in the community who do not have strong parental or guardian support.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the President recently announced a series of new initiatives that the government is taking to promote responsible fatherhood. One of these newly proposed initiatives is the development of the Fatherhood, Marriage and Families Innovation Fund, which will provide funding through the Department of Labor for transitional jobs programs for unemployed, non-custodial parents. This initiative may just help non-custodial fathers pay their court ordered child support, which many fathers now struggle to do if they're unemployed.

Yet President Obama says that parents should not make excuses when they don't meet their parental obligations and that there's only so much that the government can do when it comes to enforcing child support payments. At the annual Father's Day event, the President announced, "I can't legislate fatherhood. I can't force anybody to love a child. But what we can do is send a clear message to our fathers that there is no excuse for failing to meet their obligations."

Perhaps some Phoenix family lawyers may have found Obama's words ignorant, as there are parents all over the country who are struggling to make child support payments because they're either unemployed or are struggling to make ends meet financially. If you're an Arizonian in this situation, you should contact a Phoenix family law attorney to learn more information about modifying a child support order. If there has been a change in circumstances since your original child support order, it could be very easy to lower your monthly payments.

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