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Phoenix Man Says That He Killed His Own Wife

A 56-year-old man called the Phoenix Police Department on Tuesday to say that he killed his wife and that he tried to kill himself, but that his suicidal attempt had failed. According to ABC News, the man had shot himself in the chin but just suffered from a non-life threatening injury.

It's still not clear why the man shot his own wife and why he wanted to kill himself. Perhaps he was unhappy with his marriage. The story is similar to another recent case of where a man stabbed his wife after the woman said that she wanted to divorce him. AZ Family News reported that the suspect, Dwight Wesley, drove to the Phoenix Police Department headquarters with his wife's body covered in blood and said that he had killed her.

Since then, Dwight Wesley was charged with murder. It's still unclear of what charges the suicidal man will face in the most recent story, but now more than ever is a good time for Phoenix divorce lawyers to reach out to the public.

Failure in a marriage can sometimes bring about extreme reactions, but the process of a divorce doesn't usually lead to one spouse killing the other. Phoenix family lawyers can often provide ways on how to tell a partner about the decision to divorce. Phoenix family lawyers can also provide information about divorce mediation, which can help some couples resolve their disputes and negotiate the terms of a divorce. According to FindLaw, the goals of mediation are usually to minimize hostility, create a legally sound divorce agreement, and avoid trauma that often accompanies litigation. Resolving a dispute through mediation can be a good way of avoiding traumatic arguments, which could lead to violence.

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