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Paying For College With Child Support

In the state of Arizona, child support payments usually end when the child reaches the age of 18. This is unless the child is still in high school on his or her 18th birthday, in which case child support payments will continue until the child finishes high school. According to the Arizona Supreme Court, child support payments can be terminated at the age of 19, even if the child has not finished schooling.

Unlike some U.S. states, parents in Arizona have no legal obligation to support a child through college or pay for a child's college expenses. But even though there is no state law regarding compulsory payment of college expenses, FindLaw states that parents will often make an agreement in a divorce settlement on college payments. Courts can then enforce those agreements. Family courts also have the authority to order a noncustodial parent to pay for some form of college expenses, but this is rare and such orders are not usually made unless the noncustodial parent has a large amount of money and the custodial parent has very little financial resources.

The parents' obligation to pay for higher education often depends on the amount of income and assets of the parents. Other factors courts consider are the child's particular interests and academic achievements and goals as well as the ability of the child to earn income while in school.

It often takes the work of an experienced Phoenix family lawyer to draft a child support agreement that includes college payments. A Phoenix family lawyer can also help with negotiations when putting together the legal agreement.

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