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Over the Counter Paternity Tests Now Sold in Stores

So you're pregnant, but you're not quite sure who the father is. It's okay, because DNA testing is now easier than ever. There's now even an over the counter paternity test called Identigene that is available in local pharmacies and drug stores. states that with Identigene, a DNA sample is collected from each paternity test participant using a cheek swab. The swabs are then sent into an accredited DNA paternity testing laboratory and the results are sent back within 3-5 business days. The Identigene DNA collection kit cost just $30 and the laboratory fee is $119, making the total cost just under $150.

The home paternity test can upgraded to a legal paternity test for an additional cost, so that the test results can be used as evidence in court. Phoenix family lawyers say that home paternity test results are often not admissible in court because they can easily be tampered with.

With Identigene's legal paternity test, a DNA collector will witness the collection of DNA samples and will verify the identity of each person that is participating in the legal paternity test. With family law procedures, paternity tests are often needed in divorce, child custody, child support, estate settlement and inheritance cases. For information on how paternity can be legally established or for questions on the laws of paternity, it's best to contact a Phoenix family lawyer who can answer questions about your specific needs. Visit FindLaw's directory for a list of Phoenix family lawyers in the local area.

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