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Mom Could Face More Family Law Trouble After Threatening Son

Charlene Jones may possibly never be able to see her son again and may have trouble winning a custody battle in court after a recent incident in which the Mesa mother was accused of threatening her son and his father with an 8-inch kitchen knife.

The Arizona Republic reports that the father was given court ordered custody of his and Charlene Jones' child because the mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The father went to the residence of the mother last week to pick up their son, but it seems like the mother just wasn't able to let the kid go without a fight.

Police were eventually called to the scene and found Jones clenching a knife in her hand. The victims told authorities that the mother was trying to stab them. The woman was then arrested on charges of aggravated assault, endangerment, criminal damage and disorderly conduct.

The best thing that Charlene Jones can do in this situation is to hire an attorney who can defend her of the criminal charges. If she wants custody of her 7-year-old son she should probably find a Phoenix family law attorney and file an appeal for the previous child custody determination. FindLaw states that a child custody or visitation agreement can usually be modified with ease, if both parties are in agreement. This is why it's important not to take any drastic or extreme measures to anger the other parent. For more information about child custody arrangements, visit our Related Resources pages.

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