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Karenna Gore Schiff Separates From Her Husband

It looks like some of the Gores are having trouble with their marriages. According to New York Daily News, Karenna Gore Schiff, who is the daughter of former Vice President Al Gore, recently split up from her husband of 12 years and the estranged couple have been going to marriage counseling sessions.

Perhaps Karenna Gore Schiff will be facing more family law trouble than her father because she has three young children with her husband Drew Schiff. Since the separation, both Al and Tipper Gore have been helping Karenna with the kids who are now ages 10, 8, and 3.

Neither Karenna nor Drew Schiff have commented on their separation, so it's unclear if child support issues or child custody issues have been brought up or if they will arise in the future. It's also unknown as to how much their family lawyers have been involved in the process of legal separation.

In the state of Arizona, both parties must agree to a legal separation, otherwise family courts will direct the pleadings be amended to seek a dissolution of the marriage, otherwise known as a divorce. If children are involved in the case of a legal separation, an agreement is usually made that sets arrangements regarding custody or visitation. Child support or spousal maintenance can also be ordered to one parent in the case of a legal separation.

Just like a divorce, procedures regarding a legal separation can be complicated and often require the work of a skilled Phoenix family law attorney. More information about the process of legal separation can be found through our Related Resources pages.

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