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John McCain Gets Involved With Child Custody Dispute

Yazmin Maribel Bautista, of Phoenix, is locked into a bitter child custody battle with her ex-husband Sadiq Jaffar Al-Saffar in a foreign country, but the woman claims that she has already been granted sole custody of their 5-year-old daughter in an Arizona Superior Court. The mother traveled to the country of Bahrain last year so that her daughter could visit her father, but a judge in the small Middle Eastern country has ruled that the child must stay with her father and that she cannot go back to the United States with her mother.

Even Arizona family lawyers might be confused with this situation and Bahrain's child custody laws. Fox News reports that Arizona Senator John McCain is now getting involved with the case by writing to Bahrain's ambassador calling for "urgent personal attention" to the matter. In the letter he asserted that Yazmin Bautista should be able to go back to the United States with her daughter Fatima. She has stated that she has already been granted a legal divorce and sole custody of the young girl.

"Ms. Bautista further notes that Mr. Al-Saffar signed legal documentation acknowledging that he was aware of said legal proceedings in Arizona and that he agreed to submit to the court's jurisdiction," John McCain wrote in his letter, as stated by Fox News.

Yazmin Bautista must now wait patiently for her court date, which is scheduled on June 23 in Bahrain. At the hearing, witnesses will reportedly be asked to testify on her competency as a mother.

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