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How to Get a Divorce Case Dismissed

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The process of divorce can be very long and emotional for some couples. Certain people may even change their mind along the way about a dissolution of marriage or may just want to put the process off until the time is right. Once the divorce process has started, a Phoenix family law attorney can help either the petitioner or the respondent with representation and all the necessary legal paperwork.

If you're the petitioner in a divorce case and you change your mind about going through with the split, you can always submit a Notice of Dismissal in Arizona if the divorce petition has not yet been served. The Maricopa County Superior Court website states that if the service has been completed, then you can still file for a Motion to Dismiss the pending divorce.

If both spouses decide that they don't want to go through with the dissolution of marriage, then perhaps the easiest way of getting the divorce dismissed is to submit Stipulation to Dismiss with the divorce. The Maricopa County Self Service Center offers this form and is available for download on the court's website. The Self Service Center also provides other family court forms that are typically used by people who are going through a family court procedure.

FindLaw also provides some forms that could be useful to people who are going through a divorce procedure, including a sample joint divorce petition, sample separation agreement, a worksheet on how to divide property, and checklists of forms that you should be showing to a Phoenix family law attorney.

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