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Girl Dies From Being Left in Car in Hot Weather

On a day when temperatures in Maricopa County soared to be over 100 degrees, a Phoenix toddler died when she had been left in a car for over two hours. Fox News states that the Phoenix police are saying that the father will face criminal charges with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office  over the incident.

On such a hot Sunday where temperatures reached 108 degrees, authorities say that the temperature inside of the vehicle could jump to 140 degrees in a 15 minute period. What may have been a simple parental mistake may end up costing the father big time. Phoenix family lawyers may perhaps need to get involved in the case for the sake of the other members in the man's family. The man reportedly has five other children and if he faces child abuse charges, he may have to give up his parental rights to his other kids.

"At some point, as horrible as this is for that family ... someone has to speak for the child," Phoenix Police Department Detective James Holmes told Fox News. "Ultimately [the father] was responsible for ensuring Zipporah was out of that car when the rest of the family got out yesterday afternoon."

The father of Zipporah Johnson may now need to hire a Phoenix family law attorney so that he can keep custody of his other five children. If he is not convicted of criminal charges, it probably won't be difficult for him to avoid termination of parental rights and keep custody of the kids.

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