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Dad Gains Support in his Hunger Strike Against Child Support

A father from Utah is so upset about child support laws in America that he stopped eating for three weeks as a form of protest.

Salt Lake City Weekly reported that Kenyon Eastin's hunger strike lasted from May 14 to June 4 in the Tooele County Jail. It may not be much of a surprise that Kenyon Eastin was put in jail for his failure to pay court ordered child support. According to court documents, the man owes almost $8,000 in back child support and $2,000 in fees to his ex-wife's attorney.

Yet some Phoenix family lawyers may sympathize with a man like Kenyon Eastin. The man reportedly couldn't afford his own family law attorney, giving his ex-wife a huge advantage in the child support hearing. His child support payments are $800 a month for his twin girls that are now 16 years of age, but the man only makes $30,000 from being self employed. He used to make $70,000 per year as a financial analyst at AG Edwards, but he has not had that position for some time.

He was never aware that he could have modified his child support payments and he says that his child support obligations have never been commensurate with his actual wages. And across the country, there are many individuals and parents who have come out in support of Kenyon Eastin's child support reform. Not eating is one way to get attention.

In addition to a hunger strike, Kenyon Eastin has also written a letter to the judge with his case, saying that the family law system is "a cartoon written by a 3-year-old." Parents who would like to avoid jail, should take note of Kenyon Eastin's case and get access to a family law attorney that can provide legal representation in a child support hearing.

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